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Guillermo Marconi 657, Spegazzini,
Ezeiza, Pcia. de Buenos Aires
54 11 345 6789 . 54 11 345 6789 .ar


Products, processes and services

Processing services:

  • Soluble liquids
  • Emulsifiable liquids
  • Concentrated suspensions
  • Dispersible and soluble granules
  • Powders
  • Glyphosate 48%, 60% and 78%
  • Other soluble formulations, emulsifiable liquids of high and low concentrations, concentrated suspensions such as atrazine, carbendazin, and special formulations (powders, granules, gels).


Agrofácil in a course of constant evolution, has developed the esterification technology for 2,4D with different kinds of alcohols and with the possibility of other related chemical processes.

Other services

We also provide other services such as packaging, synthesizing and fractioning our products in powder and liquid versions. We also help our purchasers to develop new chemicals. Agrofácil has a pilot plant to elaborate concentrated formulations as well as other processes. We advise our customers on the procedures of synthesizing agrochemicals.

Science for agriculture