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Guillermo Marconi 657, Spegazzini,
Ezeiza, Pcia. de Buenos Aires
54 11 345 6789 . 54 11 345 6789 .ar

Our company

About Agrofacil

Agrofácil is an Argentine company that elaborates chemical products for agriculture and other industries. We produce agrochemicals for third companies, as well as our own and well-known brands: Glifosato Rinder and Controler. Agrofácil also offers plant management to its customers. In addition, through our extensive product catalogue registered in SE.NA.SA. (National Service of Agri-Food, Health and Quality), we are able to process all types of herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides currently demanded by the market. Agrofácil is a company with 20 years of extensive experience on the Argentine and international markets.


Agrofácil is distinguished by its swiftness to decide and provide efficient responses to its customers needs. Besides, the firm is attentive to supply integral safety in all the phases of the process as well as in the final quality of the finished products. This synergistic behavior -in collaboration with our clients- allows us to better understand their preferences and needs, which constitutes a priority for Agrofácil.

Company evolution

Agrofácil is a company that has grown at a steady pace, thanks to the investments made and the strategic alliances forged with other companies that produce assets. In return, we provide these companies with our deep knowledge of the market and commercial and industrial competitiveness at regional level. The company has always maintained a strong focus on the customer in order to attend their needs, mainly connected to the latest developments in chemical technology.

Quality service

Our commercial department knows the local market and has a wide experience. Years of improving industrial processes, guarantee our products with a fair price and on time needed.

Advantages of our products

Our quality standards insure uniform and highly reliable products that protect crops. The fact that we provide top brands, represents a seal of quality. The proven results of our outputs support us and have earned the trust of hundreds of producers in Argentina and in the world.

Quality while promoting brands

Agrofácil guarantees a competitive advantage to third companies for the quality of its products and for possessing a production plant with one of the largest installed capacities in the country, which is able to prepare all types of products with flexibility.

A safe product ensures your result

Trademark registrations

We have a large number of brands to serve our purchasers in a wide range of product lines:

  • Soluble liquids
  • Emulsifiable liquids
  • Concentrated suspensions
  • Dispersible, soluble granules
  • Glyphosate powders 48%, 60% and 78%

In addition, we have other soluble formulations, emulsifiable liquids of high and low concentrations, concentrated suspensions such as atrazine, carbendazin and special formulations (powders, granules, gels).

Our Staff

Our human capital, due to its experience and virtues, constitutes an important asset of the company in which permanent training is considered as a high priority.
Our commercial structure is technically competent to advise our customers in the varied productive areas of Argentina, maintaining -at the same time- fluid contacts with them, necessary to provide our clients with continuous support.
Our plant team is made up of chemists, agricultural engineers, as well as other technicians. All of them make up a great team with whom we carry out the production.
As a result, customers not only benefit from a range of quality products, but also from the individual advice and personal care they receive from the experienced team that integrates Agrofácil. This can be reflected in many long-lasting business relationships built on reliability, service and mutual benefit